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Travelling Health Fair 2021 (On-Demand) is a Course

Travelling Health Fair 2021 (On-Demand)

Started Feb 4, 2021


Full course description

Welcome to the Traveling Health Fair!

The Traveling Health Fair is back! 

This health event is put on once a year at no charge to faculty, staff and postdoctoral fellows to provide information, awareness, self-assessment and personalized consultation on health topics of importance to you.  

2021: Women’s Health

Women experience unique health needs and concerns, and this year’s Traveling Health Fair is all about ways women can nourish and protect their bodies and minds throughout their lives.

Join this course to watch the following on-demand, recorded webinars:

  • Bone Health facilitated by UBC clinical pharmacist and lecturer Timothy Lim
  • Brain Health facilitated by UBC clinical pharmacist and lecturer Adrian Ziemczonek
  • Perimenopause and Menopause* facilitated by UBC clinical pharmacist and lecturer Nicole Domanski

 *Health information is focused on individuals who can or will experience menopause or peri-menopause

Who should watch the webinars:

  • Women who want to learn about bone, brain or perimenopause and menopause health
  • Anyone interested in understanding the health needs of women in their lives


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