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Inclusive Leadership for Managers and Supervisors (with Bakau Consulting) is a Course

Inclusive Leadership for Managers and Supervisors (with Bakau Consulting)

Started Sep 8, 2022

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This three-part workshop series, facilitated by Bakau Consulting, is for managers and supervisors at UBC who want to use an anti-oppressive lens to become a more inclusive leader. This includes building your skills and capacity to have more courageous conversations, listen with empathy, and learn to acknowledge and disrupt the systemic barriers in the workplace to foster a more inclusive environment.

Through engaging activities, reflective prompts, 'aha' moments, and skill-building, this workshop will give participants the tools to apply learnings in all aspects of their lives. 

This series dives deeper than your typical diversity and inclusion workshop by covering and building on three key themes:  

1. Fundamentals of Anti-Oppression  

  • Explore systemic oppression, social justice, privilege, identity and allyship through a variety of engaging activities. Through self-reflection, community- based inquiry, lessons from history and collaborative problem solving, participants gain the knowledge and skills to view the world through an anti-oppressive lens. 

2. Inclusive Communication 

  • Zoom in on language and communication practices that bring teams closer together for more respectful workplaces. This workshop combines media literacy, cultural safety and LGBTQ+ inclusion to dive deep into conversations about inclusive language. Participants can expect to practice with real world scenarios, mind map best practices for communication both in person and online and discover meaningful ways to foster inclusion with dialogue. 

3. Inclusive Leadership  

  • Dive deep into conversations about the ethical use of power. We talk about bias and de-biasing, listening behind the lines, and having courageous conversations. Essential to this part of the workshop is an openness to learn. Participants will learn how to ask practical, compassionate questions and develop better active listening skills and improved means of supporting others. 

Dates & Times:  

Location: Zoom. (The link will be emailed to you before the event. The link can also be found on the Canvas page.  You will not be able to access this page until you register.)

Important notes for this three-part series:  

  • This series is open to all managers and supervisors at UBC, 
  • You are required to attend all three sessions, as this will allow Bakau Consulting to build on previous topics and help unpack this complex area of leadership. 
  • Sessions will require active participation at times, including breakout rooms, 
  • ASL interpretation will be available for all three sessions. 

If you have questions or accommodation requests, please email Lauren Lee at

About Your Facilitator: 

Kenza Derkaoui (she/her) is a trilingual young professional and writer with experience fostering critical discussion across a variety of platforms. She currently works in strategic business planning for the Government of Canada. Outside of her 9-5 as a public servant, she is the editor of WomenEmpower, a community space that facilitates safer spaces for open conversation centred around anti-oppression, where she creates thoughtful content through an intersectional lens that highlights community members. When she’s not working, you will find Kenza rewatching classic movies, making slow home-cooked meals or studying a new language. She is passionate about the discovery of cultures and human interactions through conscious, sustainable travel practices and respectful, continuous education. 

About Bakau Consulting: 

Bakau Consulting  (Links to an external site.)is a full-service equity, inclusion and anti-racism consulting company based in Canada, with a global, intersectional approach. At Bakau Consulting, through education, consultation and transformation, we help our clients make meaningful change within their organization. Our work is rooted in community, social justice and a passion for equity which translates into tireless advocacy for systemic change.