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Mental Health 101 (Self-paced)



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About this course


Have you ever wanted to help someone else who was struggling but hesitated because you lacked the confidence in knowing what to say? Maybe you were afraid of doing the wrong thing or making the situation worse? We all have mental health, and it changes throughout our lives, as do the actions that support it and this is why it is important to build mental health literacy. 


You may not always thrive (and that's OK), but knowing when you need support, and what support looks like for others can help. If you're looking to increase your knowledge, boost your confidence and add some resources to your mental health toolbox, this course is a great place to start!


In this self-paced course, you'll learn the basis of mental health literacy which includes:

  • key concepts, such as mental health, mental health problems, and mental illness
  • signs and indicators of declining/changing mental health
  • the impact of stigma and how to reduce stigma in the workpalce
  • strategies and resources to support yourself or others

Date: Open enrollment

Time: Anytime

Location: Canvas

Who is this for?

All faculty and staff at UBC Vancouver and Okanagan.

This course was created by the Workplace Wellbeing team in Central HR at UBC Vancouver. 

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