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Workday for Managers Workday for Managers is a Course

Workday for Managers

Started Jul 20, 2020


Full course description

DESCRIPTION: UBC Faculty and Staff who are managers with direct reports will get an overview of Workday for team management, review and approvals process and other manager related topics. 

This course includes access to IRP's Workday Training Sandbox via a fake Manager account with two direct reports designed just for training.

Optional 1-hour webinars are available for registration beginning in early August and to support continued learning. These webinars will be available until October 2020.

DELIVERY METHOD: Online, Self-serve with Webinar Sign-Up options (register in course) 

DURATION: ~60 minutes

OFFICE HOURS SUPPORT: Click here to find information and register for 1:1 Learning Rover Office Hour support as well as upcoming HR and Finance sessions: IRP Office Hours Support Registration Page

LEARNING OUTCOMES: By the end of this course you will be able to: 

  • Get Started Using Workday for Managers: Get an overview of Workday for Managers.
  • Team Management: Employee Records and History, Reporting, Managing your Team and Review/Approval Processes.
  • Actions On Behalf of Employees:  Enter Time and Absence on behalf of your employees.
  • Delegations: Delegate specific tasks, business processes and/or inbox action items.
  • Practice in the Sandbox: Get a hands-on experience in Workday and try out the features you learned about in this course.

PREPARATION & PREREQUISITES: (1) Workday Basics, either (2) Workday HR 101 for Salaried Staff or (3) Workday HR 101 for Hourly Staff (includes Time Tracking), (4) Workday Finance 101 - Foundations

Keywords: WY, OE

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