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Full course description

DESCRIPTION: Workday Basics is designed to help UBC Faculty, Staff and Student Employees learn about basic functionality of Workday. Key topics include navigating the Home Page, using your Inbox and Notifications, using the Search Bar and more!

DELIVERY METHOD: Online, Self-serve

DURATION: ~45 minutes

LEARNING OUTCOMES: By the end of this course you will be able to: 

  • Navigate the Home Page: Navigate the different components of Workday's Home Page (Landing Page) including Announcements, Inbox and Applications | Access the Workday Inbox, including Actions and Archive | Access Notifications and mark notifications as read.
  • Use Links and Related Actions: Discover Workday's links and related actions functionality to navigate to different areas of Workday quickly. 
  • Use Search Functions: Use Workday's Search Bar, including predictive search, prefixes and search categories.
  • Configure Applications: Add the Favourite Worklet to the Home Page and add favourite tasks.
  • See the Workday Mobile App in action: Get an orientation to Workday's Mobile App.

PREPARATION & PREREQUISITES: None. Please note this course is a foundation course which is a prerequisite for all other Workday Training courses. 

Keywords: WY, OE

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