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Workday Student - Registration Training



Full course description


  • Enrolment Services
  • Registration Administrators in Faculties/Departments/Schools/Programs (All Academic Levels)
  • TREPs/Department Admins who do scheduling activities - waitlists
  • UBCV Specific Units who use STTs

Course Outline (February 2024)

  • Saved Schedule
  • Registration Appointment
  • Waitlists

Learning Outcomes (February 2024): By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Understand how Saved Schedules function in Workday Student from the staff and student perspectives
  • Find and review a student’s saved schedule to assist them in troubleshooting and academic planning
  • Identify a student’s registration appointment in Workday Student and its foundational elements.
  • Compare the two options for waitlists – manual vs expiration.
  • Manage a course section’s waitlist order.
  • Employ tasks to move students on and off the waitlist manually


Keywords: AS, VRPTGY, WYST

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