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Wellbeing Foundations (Self-paced) is a Course

Wellbeing Foundations (Self-paced)



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About this course


The average Canadian spends 1700 hours per year working. That's a lot of time spent at work! It's no surprise that most people want to be successful at their jobs, but in order to work well, you have to be well. So how do you do that?


Research shows that when wellbeing is present in the workplace, people want to be at work and their motivation, performance, and confidence increases. 


When we prioritize wellbeing at work, everyone benefits. 


In this course, you will:

  • Learn a number of definitions, worldviews, and models of wellbeing
  • Identify conditions that enhance and support wellbeing in the workplace
  • Understand how factors like the social determinants of health and health equity impact wellbeing in the workplace and beyond
  • Feel confident finding UBC resources and services that support individual and workplace wellbeing

Date: Open enrollment

Time: Anytime

Location: Canvas

Who is this for?

All faculty and staff at UBC Vancouvr and Okanagan. 

This course was created by the Workplace Wellbeing team in Central HR at UBC Vancouver. 

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