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Unpacking identity, care & healing: An IBPOC-only wellbeing workshop series is a Course

Unpacking identity, care & healing: An IBPOC-only wellbeing workshop series



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Self-care. Resilience. Trauma. Healing. These words are often brought up in conversations around wellbeing. In this 4-part series, open to IBPOC-only faculty and staff at UBC, these concepts will be contextualized in a more community-centered way. Held across 4 separate days, we will use this time to unpack the importance of identity, culture, and histories of systemic racism in topics related to wellbeing.  

Through a different topic each session, psychotherapist, Meghan Watson, will deliver the series through a combination of lecture style and experiential reflection. Throughout this series, you will have the chance to engage in reflective practice, develop insights, and apply practical tools to support your own wellbeing.

We hope to see you at all four sessions. However, if you can only attend one session you are still welcome to enrol; you will get a lot of value from attending a single session. 


This series has been developed for IBPOC faculty and staff only. We ask that individuals self-select and enrol in this series with this in mind.  

1. Intergenerational trauma wounds: Unpacking our histories 

In Part 1, we will begin by exploring intergenerational trauma wounds. We invite you to join us in diving deeper into what intergenerational trauma means, how it develops over time in families and cultures, and the long-lasting impact across generations. Following this exploration, we aim to equip you with reflective practices and practical tools to help you unpack your personal history and disrupt patterns of intergenerational trauma for healing and growth. 

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2024 

Time: 11 am–12 pm PST


2. Rest, self-care and the myth of resilience 

Does rest ever feel like a chore, an afterthought, or something you struggle to find the time for? If so, you’re not alone. True rest, and the challenges that come along with it, can be a complicated topic especially for communities of colour. In Part 2, join us for an in-depth exploration of rest, self-care, and the myth of resilience. Together, we will explore what true rest and realistic self-care can look like, while holding space to challenge the stereotypes, myths and misconceptions around rest and resilience in IBPOC communities.  

Reflections, skills, and tools will be shared along the way to help you learn how to practice authentic rest, stillness, and recovery in your own life. 

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2024 

Time: 11 am–12 pm PST 


3. Financial trauma 

The topic of finances can bring up a lot of complicated feelings. If you’ve ever struggled with your relationship with money or noticed the ways that culture, identity and generational messaging impact how you approach (or avoid) finances, this workshop is for you.  

We invite you to join Part 3 where you can expect to better understand what financial trauma is, how it develops, its relationship to culture and identity and how it may show up in your life now.  

Practical skills for healing from financial trauma and the emotional ties around money will be shared throughout to support building a healthier relationship with money. 

Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2024 

Time: 11 am–12 pm PST 


4. Belonging, identity and community care 

When was the last time you truly felt like you belonged somewhere or with someone? Join us for Part 4 centered on all things belonging, identity, and community care.  

In this workshop, we will explore the nature of belonging as it relates to our relationships, intersecting identities, needs and community. Together, through education, reflective exercises and realistic tools we will acknowledge, unpack, and create opportunities to re-define the ways we understand community and connection. This workshop aims to be a safe space to develop insight on your own experiences and history and leave you with practical ways to understand yourself and your community better. 

Date: Thursday, March 21, 2024 

Time: 11 am–12 pm PST 


Location: Zoom. (Once you’ve registered, you will be directed to the course Canvas page where you can find the Zoom link.) 

Audience: IBPOC faculty and staff at UBC Vancouver and Okanagan.  


Important Notes for this four-part series: 

  • Participation will be via Zoom chat. There will not be breakout rooms. 
  • The session will not be recorded, but the slides will be shared.
  • Closed captioning can be enabled. 

About your facilitator: 


Meghan Watson (she/her) is a licensed psychotherapist, clinical director and wellness consultant with over 10 years of experience in research and mental health. Meghan is also the founder and owner of Toronto-based therapy clinic Bloom Psychology and Wellness. Meghan earned her graduate degree from Boston University School of Medicine and specializes in working with individuals and couples struggling with understanding complex emotions, navigating body image and disordered eating, managing burnout and stress, and establishing healthy relationships.  


Dedicated to mental health awareness and advocacy, Meghan provides clinical insight, expert guidance and support to organizations and companies worldwide through her writing, speaking, consulting and clinical work from a mindful and growth-focused perspective.