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Ergo Orientation. SHCS Front Desk

Started Nov 12, 2021


Full course description

This online ergonomics orientation for SHCS Residence Front Desk Staff and covers the basics of what you need to know to set yourself up for ergonomic success.  This course consists of 5 videos. 

 Video#1. Ergonomic injury signs & symptom, and, resources

·        In this video you will learn the signs and symptoms of musculoskeletal injuries and you will learn what resources are available to you at UBC.  

Video #2.  Ergonomic Risk Factors. 

·        In this video you will learn important ergonomic risk factors that you need to look out for in your jobs. 

Video #3.  Computer ergonomics at the Front Desk.

·        In this video you will learn about specific tips about computer ergonomics at the Front Desk.  If you do a lot of computer based work, you may wish to take additional office ergo training (Links to an external site.).  

Video #4. Safe Lifting Ergonomics and task specific examples at the front desk. 

·        In this video you will learn key things to think about and do whenever you need to lift, carry, push or pull. 

Video #5.  Ergonomics & Stress.

·        In this video you will learn about protective factors, what you can do, and UBC's Mental Health Resources. 

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