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Fitting in Movement

Started Oct 8, 2020


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Overview. COVID-19 safety measures mean that many of us are staying home, sitting more and moving less. We may be feeling fatigued, experiencing discomfort and gaining weight. We can no longer count on commuting to the office, walking to meetings or getting up to visit the copy machine to get us moving but we can make a conscious effort to interrupt sitting. 

Here's the good news: Fitting in Movement using a few quick and easy strategies can have a positive impact on our health. For example:

  • Research shows that frequent interruptions to sitting has a positive effect on waist circumference. This effect was independent of total sitting time and total exercise time. 
  • People who take micro-breaks report less discomfort and are just as productive.
  • Getting up for a glass of water might be the easiest way to improve your health!

In this one-hour webinar you will learn about the health impacts of inactivity and easy strategies to Fit in Movement. We'll finish with a 15-minute light exercise routine that you can do at your desk.

Presenters.  Alyssa Reyes, UBC Athletics & Rec and Abigail Overduin, UBC Ergonomics

How to watch the webinar. Once you have registered, login to canvas and navigate to the "Watch Webinar Module" for the  recording.  

How to complete the course. This course will not be graded nor will attendance be marked. There will be no quiz or assignments.  This course is not mandatory and participants will not receive a certificate for completing this course. To complete this course, simply click on the "Complete Course Module" and  the system will mark you as complete. 

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