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Ergo Your Posture Ergo Your Posture Training for Session Leaders is a Course

Ergo Your Posture Training for Session Leaders

Started Jun 15, 2020

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Full course description

In this course you will learn how to lead a series of postural exercises developed by Allan McGavin Physio.  Allan McGavin developed this set of exercises to address some of the common concerns they see in their clinic--specifically related to office work.

This course will involve attending a 1-hr live webinar led by a Kinesiologist at Allan McGavin Physio. After attending this webinar you will be able to lead this set of exercises for all of UBC (if part of the central team),  or within your team or DEPT (if a departmental rep). 

In addition to attending the 1-hr webinar, you will have access to course materials (powerpoint slides, script template and additional tips for leading the exercise.  You will also have access to a discussion board--we encourage you to post your questions and comments there so that everyone can learn. 

Thank you for joining us.  

Keywords: ergonomics, health, posture, movement,