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Sex Education at Home: Integrating consent into parenting & caregiving with Karen B.K Chan is a Course

Sex Education at Home: Integrating consent into parenting & caregiving with Karen B.K Chan

Jan 4 - Jan 26, 2022


Full course description

Workshop: Sex Education at Home: Integrating consent into parenting & caregiving with Karen B.K. Chan

DateJanuary 26, 2022

Time11:30-1:00 pm

Location: Zoom link to be added

Who is this for? UBC Okanagan faculty and staff 

Consent education happens every day within the upbringing of a young person. The messages are clear -- whether they be explicit and thought-out, or implicit by our avoidance or role modelling. Beyond giving, getting, or withholding consent, good consent skills also involves empathy, listening, and emotional resilience. This session will help diverse families integrate consent in the sex education in the home, and is suitable for those parenting or caring for babies, toddlers, kids, and teens. 

Connected to the UBC Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign to mobilize for the erasure of sexualized violence and its theme of “Reclaiming Rage, Nurturing Love “, good sex ed in the family promotes communication, openness, resilience, and conscientiousness.

Your facilitator:

Karen B. K. Chan is an award-winning sex and emotional literacy educator in Toronto, Canada, with 20+ years of experience. Karen (aka BK) is dedicated to having difficult conversations that are real, transformative, and kind. Known for her accessible style and sense of humour, BK integrates curriculum content into stories, and theory into practice. She works with individuals, groups, and organizations, and trains professionals across disciplines. BK’s YouTube video Jam is used as a teaching resource internationally, and her chapter on the importance of creative play was part of the AASECT 2014 Book of the Year. BK's work has also appeared in Toronto Book Award finalist Any Other Way (Coach House 2017), Sexology International, the Tete-a-Tete, and Action Canada's national education manual. In 2014, BK was named "Service Provider of the Year" by Planned Parenthood of Toronto for her work in sexual health, and she was honoured in 2017 as one of 30 Chinese Canadian women of distinction in Ontario. BK has training in Creative Facilitation, Productive Thinking, Non-Violent Communication, and is a facilitator for YES!, which hosts intensive gatherings for social changemakers worldwide. These influences, and more, shaped her favourite ways to learn and teach: through stories, metaphors, diagrams, and things that make people laugh. Aside from “synchronous” work with BK, her online courses on Emotional Intelligence and on LGBTQ+ Competence for Clinicians are available to the public.

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