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Unlocking Potential Series (For all Faculty and Staff) is a Course

Unlocking Potential Series (For all Faculty and Staff)


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Don't just navigate your career – seize the reins of your destiny with the Unlocking Potential Series. This meticulously crafted series is a bundled journey designed to navigate through the intricacies of professional growth, setting goals, acing reviews, receiving feedback, and self-motivation. Here's a glimpse of what the transformative workshops include: 

  • April,18th: Crafting Your Path: Setting and Aligning Your Goals: Embark on a journey to understand the essence of goal-setting across professional, learning, and aspirational spheres. Leave with a roadmap tailored to navigate your path to success. 
  • May, 22nd: Acing Performance Reviews: How to Wow: Transform the dread of performance reviews into a strategic opportunity for personal growth. Learn the art of self-evaluation, proactive feedback seeking, and turning performance reviews into a stepping stone for your career advancement. 
  • June, 27th: The Art of Receiving Feedback: A Practice of Psychological Safety: Shift your perspective on receiving feedback by understanding its role in your professional development. This session equips you with the tools to approach feedback with openness and leverage it for your growth. 
  • Oct, 1st :Co-Creating Effective Conversations: Essential Workplace Coaching Skills: Dive into the core of impactful communication with essential coaching skills that foster effective conversations in the workplace. 
  • Oct, 31st :Spotlight on You! Igniting Personal Recognition & Motivation: Learn to carve out your niche for recognition in your professional journey. Discover the latest research and strategies to motivate yourself, ensuring a fulfilling and successful career. 

Embark on this comprehensive journey with us, designed as a bundle to ensure you go through each critical workshop, crafting a holistic path to unlocking your potential. Each session is structured to build upon the last, ensuring a seamless and enriching learning experience that empowers you to achieve professional excellence. 

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your professional journey. 

Eligible for PD Funding

In-person only: 12:45pm - 3:45pm (dates noted above)

FACILITATOREster Pike, Senior Executive Coach & Organizational Psychology and Psychometric Assessments Lead @Action Edge

QUESTIONS: If you have questions about this series, please email Shweta Jaiswal Thakur.