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The Leadership Launchpad Series (For People Managers)


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Full course description

Are you ready to elevate your leadership skills and empower your teams like never before?  

From setting ambitious team goals to mastering the art of giving impactful feedback, this program is your passport to leadership greatness. Dive into essential topics like managing in unionized environments, adopting a coach-approach to leadership, and fostering team recognition and motivation. Each session is a game-changer, providing you with practical tools, cutting-edge strategies, and endless opportunities for growth. Ready to lead with impact? The Leadership Launchpad is designed just for you! 

This unique program ensures that you go through all the essential facets of effective leadership in a cohesive and integrated manner. Here’s what this exciting bundle includes: 

  1. April, 18th: Setting and Aligning Team Goals: Discover the secret to integrating professional, learning, and aspirational goals into your team's daily work. Our session will provide you with a clear template to empower each team member to take ownership of their goals. 
  1. May, 22nd: Mastering Performance Reviews – A Leader's Guide: Learn how to conduct performance reviews that are not just evaluations, but opportunities for growth and engagement. We'll equip you with a simple yet effective structure of feedback and evaluation. 
  1. June, 27th: The Art of Giving Feedback- Navigate the minefield of giving feedback with confidence. Our session is designed to offer practical tips for delivering feedback that builds trust and guides your team effectively. 
  1. Sept, 10th: Managing in a Unionized Environment: Tackle the unique challenges of leading in unionized settings with our focused insights and strategies. 
  1. Oct, 1st: A Coach-Approach to Leadership: Elevate your leadership style with coaching techniques that foster growth, autonomy, and empowerment among your team members. 
  1. Oct, 31st: Cultivating Team Recognition & Motivation: Dive into the latest research and methods for recognizing and motivating your team, enhancing job satisfaction, and nurturing a flourishing culture. 

Embark on this comprehensive journey with us and transform your leadership capabilities. Each workshop in this series builds upon the last, providing a holistic view and practical tools for empowering people managers like yourself to lead with confidence, clarity, and compassion. 

Don't miss this opportunity to launch your leadership skills to new heights. 


In-person only: 9am - 12pm

FACILITATOREster Pike, Senior Executive Coach & Organizational Psychology and Psychometric Assessments Lead @Action Edge

QUESTIONS: If you have questions about this series, please email Shweta Jaiswal Thakur.