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Green cells appearing as if through a microscope (course format: blended)

Biosafety for Study Team Members



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This course provides new UBC Biosafety Permit Study Team Members with an overview of UBC policies and procedures for working with biological materials, including project risk assessment, exposure control and emergency procedures.   A thorough understanding of the course material aids in the prevention of laboratory accidents and laboratory associated infections.

Biosafety practical sessions will move from Wesbrook (6174 University Boulevard) to Koerner Pavilion (2211 Wesbrook Mall) room G326 in September 2021. Biosafety sessions will not be offered from August 23rd to September 3rd 2021 during the transition. Biosafety practical sessions will resume September 6th at the new location. September sessions will be open for booking as of August 27 2021. Thank you for your patience.



This course consists of 2 parts:

• Part 1: 9 x 15 minute online modules, each followed by a quiz

• Part 2: A 2.5-hour in-person session with a written exam.


Keywords: BD, VRPTGY, ORLS, JBSCTG, RHDT, OSSY, bio, biosafety, laboratory, lab

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