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A checklist on a clipboard (course format: online) Hazardous Waste Manifest Training is a Course

Hazardous Waste Manifest Training



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This course prepares a researcher, staff or student to ship hazardous waste directly from their department or facility, located on-campus and off-campus. The training ensures compliance with relevant legislation and provides an overview of waste manifest requirements including how to complete a waste manifest and record keeping.

This training is an additional requirement for any person who must sign a manifest as part of their job tasks, and it is not intended for all lab personnel and/or students. 



The following courses must be completed within the last 3 years

• Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Ground and Air

• Hazardous Waste Management Training



The course consists of 1 x 30-minute online module, followed by a quiz.


Keywords: OE, VRPTGY, ORLS, JBSCTG, OSSY, RHDT, lab, laboratory

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