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Workday Finance 201 - Intermediate Workday Finance 201 - Complex Expenses and Customer Accounts is a Course

Workday Finance 201 - Complex Expenses and Customer Accounts

Started Jul 20, 2020


Full course description

DESCRIPTION:  In this course, UBC Faculty and Staff will learn how to submit complex expense reports, including reconciling VISA card expenses, foreign currency expenses, international travel, per diems, delegating quick expenses and more!

This course includes access to IRP's Workday Training Sandbox via a fake user account designed just for training.

DELIVERY METHOD: Online, Self-serve 


LEARNING OUTCOMES: By the end of this course you will be able to: 

Create Complex Expense Reports that include:

    • Multiple trips on a single expense report
    • Distributing costs across multiple Worktags
    • Single receipt that includes multiple expense types
    • Per Diem with reductions for meals provided
    • Foreign currency transactions
    • Personal expense on corporate credit card
    • Partial Per Diem claims
    • FIA (Financial Information Act) expense reporting
    • Creating expense reports as a delegate
    • Quick Expenses
    • Reassigning Quick Expenses as a delegate
    • Corporate credit card reconciliation
  • Quick Reference Guide Resources: Create Cash Advance (Spend Authorization) Requests, Create UBC Credit Card Requests, and Setup and Replenish Petty Cash.
  • Customer Accounts and Revenue Accounting Topics: Request Internal Service Provider, Record Cash Sale.
  • Practice in the Sandbox: Get a hands-on experience in Workday and try out the features you learned about.

PREPARATION & PREREQUISITES: Workday Basics, Workday Finance 101 - Foundations

Keywords: WY, OE

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