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Using your UBC Visa for Maximum Impact - Your Responsibilities as a Card Holder

May 17, 2023 - May 15, 2025


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As a UBC Visa cardholder or delegate, you may be faced with occasional situations:

What do you do when your card doesn’t work?
Why might a transaction be declined?
Why is your card suspended and how to reactivate it?
When and how should you reconcile your transactions?
When, as a card holder, must you interact directly with Scotiabank?
How can you most effectively use your UBC Visa for your purchasing needs?


Financial Operations’ self-directed module, Using your UBC Visa for maximum impact – Your responsibilities as a Card holder is provided to assist you in addressing your credit card situations. The session distills the Visa Program policies and requirements for card holders and their delegates with key information and interactive activities.


The session provides you with required information to:

  • Manage your Visa purchases effectively
  • Provide timely and correct reconciliation​
  • Avert card suspension
  • Take appropriate action for specific situations, such as limit increases and fraud prevention
  • Access needed support when required

Please note:
This session is not a functional walk through or demonstration of completing tasks in Workday.  This session focuses on the business policies and processes providing the context for required tasks in Workday. Please contact the Integrated Service Centre for Workday functional support.




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