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Reimbursing Expenses - "Carpe Per Diem"

Time limit: 100 days


Full course description

Let’s be honest; very few UBC Faculty and Staff members love the thought of submitting reimbursements for payment. It can be especially frustrating to submit an expense report only to have it sent back to you because it lacked the required information to be approved. Or, as an Approver, not to have the necessary details and context to approve an expense.

Financial Operations’ session, Reimbursing Expenses – “Carpe per Diem” is being provided to assist you in ensuring you have a broad understanding of expense reimbursement requirements. The session focuses on key business policy requirements to assist you submitting expense reports that are ready for approval, without unnecessary delays and send backs.  

The session provides you with required information to:

  • Recognize the requirements for expense reimbursement.
  • Identify the importance of the requirements for expense reporting  
  • Create and submit expense reports with all required information.
  • Minimize report send backs and reimbursement delays
  • Access needed support when required

Please note:
This session does not address cash-advance reimbursements in any detail.
This session is not a functional walk through or demonstration of completing tasks in Workday. Please contact the
Integrated Service Centre for Workday functional support. This session focuses on the business policies and processes providing the context for required tasks in Workday.



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  2. Register for a workshop session.
    Enter the course and access the Workshop Registration Module (Module 2) to reserve your date and time. You are not considered registered until you have selected a workshop to attend.


You have a series of sessions to choose from for your attendance at the live session. Additional session dates and times are added as they are scheduled.  

      1. Tuesday, June 18th, at 11:00 am
      2. Tuesday, July 23rd at 1:00 pm
      3. Tuesday, August 27th at 11:00 am
      4. Tuesday September 24th at 1:00 pm

Seating for each session is limited to ensure questions can be fully explored.

These sessions are Zoom-enabled. Session details are sent to you when you confirm your reservation.

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