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Hiring Equity

Started Nov 5, 2020


Full course description

Please complete the course if you are on a search committee and will be in an active hiring process. Note: a revised version of the course will become available in spring 2024.

This self-paced training and collection of resources aims to support search committees in their efforts to recruit and hire excellent faculty and staff, through a fair and equitable process. It summarizes key considerations and good practices at every stage of the selection process and gives search committees shared language and an encouragement to openly discuss issues of equity as they conduct the search.

This training consists of four modules:

  1. Background
  2. Phase 1: Advertising & recruitment
  3. Phase 2: Screening & short-listing
  4. Phase 3: Interview & selection

We estimate that it will take you 45 minutes to complete this course.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain why equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) matters in the UBC context.
  2. Describe the connection between EDI and excellence in a search process.
  3. Self-evaluate bias in order to manage it as it arises in a hiring process.
  4. Follow the requirements for how to ask for relevant identity-related information during the hiring process.
  5. Create appropriate criteria, and pertinent interview questions to evaluate the EDI competencies of candidates.
  6. Use appropriate language and feel comfortable to name EDI concerns and engage in speaking up about them with colleagues during a search process.
  7. Employ good hiring practices as members of the search committee to ensure fairness in process and equitable outcomes.

Keyword: DYIN, LPMT

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