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An overview of the Influencer Model for Change hosted by UBC Change and Transition CoP is a Course

An overview of the Influencer Model for Change hosted by UBC Change and Transition CoP

Ended Mar 30, 2021

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Full course description

What is the session purpose?

 In this session we introduce the importance of influencing strategies to affect change in an organization.  Not understanding what is really going on in a change effort can derail its success.   You will learn tools to diagnose and marshal six sources of influence to make change inevitable.


Who is this for?

The course is designed with the following in mind: any manager with direct report(s), individuals responsible for or involved in a change effort.

Open to all faculty and staff interested in learning more about the topic.


What are the learning outcomes?

  • Understand the difference between persuasion and influence and why it is important in a change effort
  • How to approach change using the influencer model
  • Learn how to use a six-source diagnostic tool to complete a full diagnosis of complex causes behind any problem
  • Learn how to use a six-source approach to influence change


If you are like most people, you face influence challenges that have you stumped.  Perhaps at work you are fighting an uphill battle – you’ve given your heart and soul into a quality improvement program, but best efforts have not yielded any improvements.   Perhaps on the personal level you have tried numerous attempts to get fit without success.  Each time we try a few different strategies, and when they don’t work, we accept what is, quit and move on.  Researchers have found that when it comes to changing our world, what most of us lack isn’t the courage to change things, but the skill to do so. Learn what influencers around the world have done to influence human behavior to solve some of the world's most persistent challenges, and how you can employ these strategies.


Facilitator:  Julie Kothlow, KPMG


Keywords: CEMT, Change Management, Influence